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Professional Employment Service

When you work with Payroll Services, LLC of Cullman, AL to hire your staff, you get the best candidates without lifting a finger. We also take pride in our outstanding customer service and being available 24/7. We have the experience to match qualified candidates to your specific need. We staff for a range of job areas including Industrial, Clerical, Professional, Labor and many more. Whether its part time or full time we can help you

  1. We cover and manage all worker’s compensation claims for our employees. This includes medical facility designation for treatment in the event of an injury as well as all paperwork and payroll services that are to be handled with worker’s compensation claims. When an employee gets hurt we always go to the medical facility with them. We stay until either they are released or we know for sure they are ok. We care about our employees and do not think they should be left alone in these circumstances.

  2. Interviews are conducted on all prospective employees. The interview consists of gathering information concerning: Health, family, education, prior work history, skills and work experience. We provide you with brief summary of information obtained during the interview process.

  3. We use a local physician for our 10-panel pre-employment and post accident drug screening with results delivered within 24 hours. If your company requires a more extensive background we will be happy to provide that service through a reliable source that includes a criminal history, social security verification and a 7 year residence history. This service is free of charge to our clients. We drug screen all new employees starting to work at a new job site.

  4. We issue a written warning for any disciplinary problems that may occur. It covers work procedures, insubordination, absenteeism, and many more. Once an employee has been written up, if another occurrence arises his / her position may be terminated.

  5. We will advertise for all your employment needs by utilizing any sources needed to provide quality employees for your company such as local newspaper, radio and online advertising. With this service our company will cover all costs related to the advertising.

  6. We withhold all taxes from the employees check. We pay all Federal, State, Social Security, Medicare and unemployment tax. We offer this service to make it easier for a company to run their business without having to worry with this hassle.

  7. We provide all employees with year-end tax forms such as W-2’s and any other tax forms needed.

  8. We will provide weekly payroll checks for distribution for prior week’s pay period by delivery to your office at your request.

  9. We offer a rewards program for our clients and employees (ex. Employee of the month, Employer of the month) This is to boost productivity in our clients workplace.

  10. We have and cover any General Liability Insurance our employees need to work at your Company.